Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Symantec End Point Protection and Microsoft Hyper-V

Recently we deployed a new Hyper-V host and secured it from Malware by installing Symantec End Point (SEP). Although there are those out there that believe installing anti-malware on a server with the role of host only is not recommended, we decided to do this due to the fact that source software was going to be copied to the server from what we deemed was an untrusted source.

After a few days the virtual machines running on the server could only see each other and not other servers or virtual servers on the network. We discovered that the SEP client was blocking access to the network and once we uninstalled the client network connectivity was re-established and has been stable ever since.


1. Deploy Hyper-V with properly configured anti-malware and once VM deployment is complete, remove the file shares, the executable data and the anti-malware client.


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